Táin The Women’s Stories

TÁIN: The Women’s Stories” is the first publication from Bard Mythologies. Written by Karina Tynan the book reimagines Ireland’s most famous mythological tale “The Táin Bó Cúailnge” (“Cattle Raid of Cooley”) from the female character’s perspective. The stories are complemented with beautiful ink illustrations throughout by Kathy Tynan.

In Karina Tynan’s own words: It is often automatic to judge the likes of Meadhbh negatively. Maybe if we look more closely at her, she can show us how to counteract the limitations that have and continue to be upon women. Myth always holds the potential for wisdom and insight, and so, like poetry, there is often more to be seen than the poet intends. This leaves these stories open to many interpretations.

The book is beautifully produced bound. The cover is debossed with silver artwork front and back and is a real treasure to hold. Each book is one of a first print run of only 500.

RRP €25.00
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