The Hidden Lakes of Connemara (Back in Stock!)

The hidden lakes of Connemara – Tribute to a fascinating landscape.
by Jan van Groenendael, Ton Roozen, Madeleine van Mansfeld and Marijke van Mansfeld

This book is the result of a 35-year survey of the landscape ecology of lakes in the coastal fringe of West Connemara, started in 1975 by four Dutch ecologists. The book is based on the systematic description of the botanical and chemical changes which have occurred over that period in a series of 20 preselected lakes. The book represents one of the very few long term studies of this kind in Ireland and is unusual even on a world scale.

The authors fell in love with the landscape, its people and rich history and that fascination has called them back to the area many times to look carefully at the landscape, the vegetation and its transformations. And like all things lovely, they are hard to convey in rational terms alone. Therefore pictures, paintings, poems and short essays, support the scientific observations.

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