Through a series of vignettes, the nameless female narrator of Quotidian revisits the rooms of her past to reconcile the malcontent she experiences as a mother, wife and homemaker. Unearthing repressed disappointments, desires, fears and expectations, she begins piecing together, in an intimate and honest narrative, her perceived ordinary, inconsequential life. In doing so, she becomes increasingly estranged from her spouse and her invisible friend, Miss C. When her life begins to spiral into free fall, the narrator, despite struggling to maintain normalcy, toys briefly with a sham flirtation before salvation arrives in the unlikely form of a homeless musician.

Praise for Quotidian
‘The rooms the woman narrator of Quotidian occupies are varied: menacing, lonely, melancholic, and sensuous. In stark, tender, concise, and beautiful prose, we witness an originally told, gripping self-excavation.’
—Nuala O’Connor, author of Nora: A Love Story of Nora Barnacle and James Joyce

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