Mythical Irish Beasts

Ireland’s mythology is bursting with mysterious and fantastical characters and this book is the perfect way to explore the island’s magical heritage.

The book is packed with some supernatural creatures you may have heard of, like the banshee, and many more that may be new to you, such as the Suileach, a monster with 400 eyes who is the namesake of the River Swilly (where it lurks) or the Airetech, a creature from the underworld who has three beautiful daughters who can transform into werewolves.

In this beautifully designed book, Mark Joyce brings us on a fantastic journey through Irish folklore with his stories of monsters and enchanted creatures, all brought to life through his original illustrations. He uncovers local stories of monsters that have been lost or forgotten and breathes new life into them with his creative artwork, sure to spark the imagination.

RRP €23.00
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