Amethyst Country

Devastated by the collapse of her marriage, Helen Bradshaw flees London for Achill Island hoping that her new job researching painter, Grace Henry, will offer her an escape. Achill is wild and beautiful, but island life poses many challenges. Information about Grace Henry is hard to find, her work has been overshadowed by her famous husband, painter Paul Henry and Helen’s past continues to stalk her.

Finn Kilbane temporarily returns home to Achill after the Spanish building crash and becomes a handyman while he waits for an economic upturn abroad. He reluctantly joins a lively History Group who want to memorialize the island’s migrant tattie hokers, which unexpectedly forces him to confront his own hidden history.

Drawn to each other by a shared sense of loss, Finn and Helen’s fledgling relationship is shattered by a life changing event which propels them into a future neither of them had planned. But what future is possible for them?

RRP €15.00
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